Dragon blood powder

Dragon blood powder

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The mysterious and magical dragon blood powder

This blood-red pigment is a powder-ground resin from the dragon blood tree, resina draconis, and has appealed to the imagination for centuries.
Because people thought it was real blood of dragons, they added magic powers to it; this would protect the user, make him/or invincible and neutralize negative energy.
It was often associated with esoteric rituals but at the same time it has a multitude of practical applications.

Dragon blood can be used as:incense powderpigment for coloring and coloring matter and varnish (painting and musical instruments)for making red inkfor various medical and cosmetic purposes

Use as incense:

  • put some powder on a burning charcoal tablet, the scent is soft and slightly spicy with a light floral aroma
  • dragon blood powder on grain incense will soften the sharpness of the aroma so that the scent does not become too dominant

Close carefully after use because the powder can cure quickly outdoors.

Content: 60 grams
Packaging: glass

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