Double edge razor Butterfly

Double edge razor Butterfly

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Getting a nice clean shave

The butterfly safety razor from Guardenza guarantees a wonderful old-fashioned but perfectly smooth shaving experience.
This razor blade is made of stainless steel with a matte black finish and a ribbed pattern handle for a good grip. By turning the end of the handle, the butterfly mechanism opens, so you can easily replace the double-edge razor blades.
It already contains a razor blade so you can get started right away (blade with a sharpness of 1 in 5, this is very suitable for beginners, people with sensitive skin and soft beard growth).

The Guardenza safety razor is ideal for:

  • a comfortable and very smooth shave
  • precisely grooming your sideburns, beard lines, neck lines and goatees ...

How to use
A safety razor is safe and does not require much experience to use.
To prepare the razor:

  • Turn the end of the handle to open the shaving head
  • Hold the double-edge razor blade by the sides and carefully place it in the center of the shaving head
  • Turn the end of the handle to close the shaving head
  • You are ready for a great shave!

Getting ready to shave:

  • Moisten the face well with warm water and soap
  • Apply a light pressure to the razor, the blade must do the job
  • Tighten the skin while shaving with the free hand and shave with calm, even movements
  • Replace the blade regularly, this is more hygienic and you avoid skin irritation by using a blunt blade
  • Always use the razor in a safe and careful manner!

Total length: 8.5 cm
Handle length: 8 cm
Width: 4 cm
Weight: 63 g

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