Deospray for sport mats (50ml)

Deospray for sport mats (50ml)

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Hygiene from Mother Nature

This mat cleaner is made of essential oil of eucalyptus, rosemarin, mint and hamamelis and is especially formulated for maintaining yoga and sports mats.
It eliminates bad odor and cleans the surface of the mat.

After applying it dries quickly without leaving a sticky residue and it has a soft lavender scent.

Can be used before and after the work out.
Spray on the surface of the mat, if necessary you can wipe it dry.
Can also be used on the skin or to improve stale air.
Save to use on most mats but the spray can react with natural rubber; do test the spray a inconspicuet place before applying.
Contains alcohol - do not apply to sensitive skin or eyes.

Content: 50ml
Packaging: plastic sprayflacon

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