Crystal ball (10 cm)

Crystal ball (10 cm)

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Beautiful, flawless glass ball

Beautiful and decorative, this fortune-telling sphere is made of perfectly transparent glass and has a diameter of 10 cm.

What can the glass sphere be used for?
It is without doubt a beautiful asset in any room and you can certainly use it purely decoratively.

In addition, you can also use this crystal ball spiritually:

  • By staring into a crystal ball for a long time, one first reaches a meditative state that can pass into a trance.
  • By regularly staring into a crystal ball you can develop and improve your ability to concentrate.
  • Glass balls also have a role in Feng Shui, because they are said to radiate positive life energy that has a beneficial effect on our mind and mood. To do this, place the glass bulb centrally in a room so that the energy can flow freely in all directions.

How do you use a crystal ball?
Divination or envisioning the future is probably as old as mankind.
Celtic druids used bowls of water to stare into in order to reach higher realms.
The glass or crystal ball emerged around the Middle Ages to lift the veil between the physical and spiritual world.

Here's how to use a crystal ball for fortune telling:

  • First, wipe your crystal ball completely clean.
  • You can hold the sphere or place it on something.
  • Find a place where the fortune-teller's orb will receive light, which can be from the sun, moon, or candle.
  • Relax your body by breathing in and out slowly.
  • If necessary, you can now go through the questions that you want to see answered as a preparation.
  • Stare into the sphere and hold this focus for a few minutes.
  • Stop trying to actively perceive or think and let your mind come to an intuitive/meditative state.
  • What one begins to see differs from person to person, some see colors, others shapes and some also experience (violent) emotions... just let all this come to you.

Do not expect ready-made answers, you only make contact with yourself and your subconscious and above all you learn to understand your own self and intuition.

Material: glass
Dimensions: 10 cm diameter

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