Cooling Gel for legs (125ml)

Cooling Gel for legs (125ml)

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Cryotherapy gel for feet & legs

This wonderfully cooling cryo gel is the ideal means to quickly cool, soothe and repair heated and overworked muscles, ligaments, joints and skin of your feet and legs:

  • effective and fast analgesic effect
  • the gel dries quickly and is not greasy
  • pleasant smell

The cooling effect of alcohol and menthol is enhanced by essential oils known for their anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.
This combination ensures that the skin is strongly cooled so that the blood flow is stimulated, so that nutrients are supplied faster and waste products are removed faster.

What can you use cryo gel for?
Cryo gel is an excellent first aid aid for relieving heavy leg and feet.
You can also use on acute muscle overload, strains, sprains as well as chronic complaints such as tendinitis, inflammatory muscle and joint pain...
Ideal after physical exertion or intense workout.
Take it to the gym and on your adventure vacation.

How do you optimally apply the cryo gel?
Spread the gel on the stressed skin, muscles and joints but do not massage it in, just let it dry for a while.
This results in an immediate and lasting feeling of cold that lasts for 20 to 30 minutes.

You can prolong and strengthen the feeling of cold by applying a compress soaked with the gel or by using the cryo spray.

Water, alcohol, menthol, mulsifan (emulsifier), bio-essential oil

Content: 125ml
Not tested on animals

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