Coconut oil

Coconut oil

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Healthy & tasty cooking oil

Our sustainable coconut oil is perfectly suited for baking, cooking and frying, as well as for smoothies, desserts/parfait.
The valuable oil gives your dishes a fine coconut note and thus serves as a special delight for the taste-buds without being intrusive.
Coconut oil is more heat resistant than all other cold pressed vegetable fats (such as sunflower oil or virgin olive oil) and builds no harmful substances, even at high temperatures, which are rapidly reached when frying in a pan.

In Ayurvedic medicine, coconut oil, for centuries, has also been used as a highly effective skin and hair-care-product and is also used for body massages. Our Organic Coconut Oil, due its high quality and purity, is also suitable for these purposes.

Health benefits
Lauric acid occurs naturally in breast milk and is said to play a major role in building and developing the immune system of infants. Lauric acid also occurs naturally in coconut oil and is just as beneficial for adults in that it strengthens and boosts the immune system. A number of other positive qualities are associated with lauric acid, for instance its antiviral and antibacterial properties and raising metabolism in human cells.

100% sustainable coconut oil, free from all forms of additives such as preservatives, flavourings and colourings. 

Contents: 300 ml

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