Chinese gaiwan tea set Xiandai

Chinese gaiwan tea set Xiandai

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With this Xiandai gaiwan you can enjoy every special tea even more

The Xiandai is a modern version of the gaiwan, a classic Chinese tea set used for brewing and drinking green and white tea.
It consists of three parts, a bowl without a handle, a lid and a saucer, and has a volume of approximately 100 ml.

The gaiwan is particularly good for brewing tea with delicate flavors and aromas, such as green and white tea.
You can prepare the tea in it and then pour it into another bowl, but you can also drink the tea immediately after brewing by holding the leaves back using the lid.
This takes some practice, but it is an enrichment to drink special tea like this:

  • all three parts are held simultaneously with both hands
  • the dish is held with the fingers of the right hand while the thumb rests on the rim of the bowl
  • the left hand then holds the lid in such a way that there is a small crack where the tea can be drunk while the leaves remain in the bowl

Material: ceramic
Dimensions: Ø 110 mm, H80 mm
Content: 100ml
Suitable for the dishwasher

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