Chawan (traditional tea cup) AG1

Chawan (traditional tea cup) AG1

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Pure Japanese culture, made in Flanders!

This beautiful handmade chawan is specially for enjoying Japanese green tea the traditional way.

All items are hand made and thanks to the artisan production process, no two items are alike.
The potters stamp (Marnic De Lange) is pressed on the bottom.

The cups are finished with a wood ash glaze and burnt in a unique  anagama-noborigama hybride kiln, here in Belgium.

Wood kiln firing is a daunting task, for no two firings are ever exactly the same and there are many variables to consider: how much air, how much wood, what fuels to use, when to use them, how to control temperatures, how much stoking, how to stack the pieces, where to place the pieces.
Wood-burning kilns like the anagama produce fly ash, which settles on the pieces, melts, and creates a natural ash glaze that cannot be achieved with any other type of firing.
The potter controls about 85% of the process but other factors are beyond control, like weather, wood-condition, and kiln atmosphere, which are left to the kama no kami or the Japanese god of kilns.

Material: clay
Size: D9 x H6 cm

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