Chakra pendant box (7 chakras)

Chakra pendant box (7 chakras)

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Yoga jewels with gemstones

7 great looking pendants, made in sterling silver (925) with in the center a corresponding gemstone.
Comes in a lovely storage box and with a silver necklace.
The pendant measure about 2 cm in diameter.

Muladhara - root chakra
Gives strength and security in our daily lifes.
Gem: granate.
Svadishana - sacrate chakra
Sexuality, pleasure.
Gem: carneole.
Manipura - solar plexus chakra
Self awareness, the center, strength.
Gem: citrine.
Anahata, - heart chakra
Souls warmth, unconditional love, humanity
Gem: peridote.
Vishuddha - throat chakra
Creativity, awareness of one owns individuality
Gem: turquoise.
Ajna - third eye
Mental concentration, wisdom, intuition
Gem: lapis lazuli
Sahasrara - crown chakra
Recognition of the soul, acceptance of the present and futute
Gem: amethyst

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