Chakra meditation cushion white

Chakra meditation cushion white

Model: YO-31-7
EAN: 4250209835187
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Providing good support

Due to its firmness, this cushion offers excellent support during (long) meditation sessions and it withstands frequent use.
Additionnally, its large seating of 36 cm diameter and extra height of 15 cm provide extra comfort, making this cushion perfect for the novice as well as the veteran who want to have longer meditation sessions.

Cotton shell, with innerliner filled with buckwheat husks.
Comes with handy carrying handle and a zipper closure for easy removal of cover for maintenance and refilling.
Beautifull decorated with the chakre symbols.

Material shell: cotton
Material filling: buckwheat husks
Measurements: H15 x D36 cm
Color: naturel

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