Censer Indira

Censer Indira

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Elegant and impressive censer with crackled glaze

The Indira is a beautiful, large censer with a removable lid with a crackled turquoise glaze.
Suitable for burning various types of incense: resins, herbs ... on charcoal tablets, incense cones, regular but also large to very large incense sticks.
Due to its size it is also possible to burn several incense sticks at the same time without any problems.
With its beautiful appearance, it conquers every space where it stands.

Fill the vessel with quartz sand or lava sand, this will dampen the heat and provide a base to fix sticks.
Stick the appropriate incense sticks in the sand, place cones or put charcoal tablets on them on which you can burn resins, powders, herbs ...
You can use it with or without a lid.

Material: fired clay with turquoise crackled glaze
Dimensions: ø 22 cm, height 16 cm

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