Censer Bats and Lions

Censer Bats and Lions

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Bringer of good fortune

Used for burning incense, herbs or powders on a charcoal tablet.
Originating from China, this Tibetan silver threelegged incense holder is beautifully crafted; the metalwork is in good condition, does show minor scatches of wear and some soot deposits from extensive use.

The censer is adorned with two good fortune symbols, (five) bats and lions.

Throughout Asian culture, bats continue to evoke strong, positive emotions.
Chinese admiration for bats began thousands of years before Christ, when they were thought to embody the male principle and represent the five blessings: health, long life, prosperity, love of virtue, and a tranquil, natural death.
Ancient scholars thought bats attained very old age because they lived deep in caves and because "they swallowed their breath."
While the mystery of bat longevity remains unsolved, researchers have confirmed that bats far outlive other mammals of similar size; in a culture that venerated wisdomed old age, bats became a symbol of these virtues.
The bats often are painted bright red, the color of joy.
A bat motif often was used to imply that a person's prosperity had resulted from a virtuous lifestyle; bat designs even were used on household shrines honoring deceased relatives.

The Chinese word for bat is "fu," and the word for happiness also is pronounced "fu."
It is believed that the image of bats deterre evil energies, therefore bringing the occupant protection and luck

On the lid, belly and legs the artist has placed an abundance of lions.
The lion is seen as a holy animal, it symbolises courage, wisedom and strength; it is considered to rule the earth just as dragons rule the heavens.
The lion is a peacefull symbol which helps mankind, giving them joy.

Interior design suggestions
Use this fortune bringer as a decorative element in any room or use it for it was intended, burning incense.

Material: Tibetan silver
Height: 16 cm
Diameter: 17 cm
Weight: 975 grams

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