Celtic bowl (replica)

Celtic bowl (replica)

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Celtic bowl suitable for many purposes

This simple but very beautiful handmade Celtic bowl from baked clay is a replica of a classic bowl from the heyday of Celtic culture in Europe (ca.200 BC).
The bowl is glazed on the inside and has a simple wave pattern on the outside, which can represent both water and fire.
It is decorative and functional and you can use it as:

  • sacrificial bowl
  • incense burner (with some sand on the bottom)
  • in the kitchen, as a storage or serving bowl
  • to store personal belongings ...

The bowl is waterproofed inside and thus can hold liquid.
As an incense burner you put some sand on the bottom to protect the bowl against the heat (also put it on a fireproof surface).

Material: baked clay
Size: D16 x H5 cm
Not suitable for microwave and dishwasher

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