Calming balm Bees & Love

Calming balm Bees & Love

Model: HB-BE-001
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Deliciously scented facial balm for relaxing care

A 100% natural balm made from beeswax and jojoba oil enriched with essential oils of mandarin, chamomile and lavender that soothes the tense mind and cares for the skin.
It has a lovely soft lavender scent.
Just rub the stress sensitive points of your face, temples and neck and you will immediately notice the beneficial effect.
You can use it during the busy day to relax for a while or just before going to sleep for a good night's sleep.

It is very economical in use, completely biodegradable and has no plastic packaging, making it perfectly zero waste.

You can use this anti stress balm:

  • for fatigue and stress
  • for dry, tight skin
  • to protect your facial skin from wind and weather
  • convenient to take to the office, when traveling ...
  • ideal for your next outdoor adventure

Rub a small amount of balm on the skin where you feel the stress the most, often this is the temples and neck, and massage in.
Also put a little under the nose to fully enjoy the fragrance.
You can safely rub the entire face so that it cares for and softens the skin.

Beeswax, jojoba oil, tangerine, chamomile and lavender essential oils

Content: 40ml

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