Buddhistic travel altar

Buddhistic travel altar

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Protection when on the road

This old Buddhistic travel altar comes from the Himalaya regio and was made for nomads and travellers.
It is designed to offer (spiritual) protection as well as the opportunity to practise ones religion.

It is a crafty made tabernacle in which a Tara is housed.
Tara, litterally 'Saviour', is considered to be the essence of compassion. She is the mother of the Tibetan people. She offers protection to her followers and comes flying in when called upon in times of need.

On the front to the sides are dragons, symbol of wealth and good fortune; on top you see the lotus flower, the symbol of Buddhism; and below there is a depiction of Mahakala, a frightful looking diety of protection.

The altar is captured in cloth, probably fashioned out of old clothing, and has a carrying strap, making it possible to carry the altar around your neck.

Old piece but age is unknown; the glass has been recently renewed by a plactic sheet.
The original content was problably removed as it contained religeous items or family heirs.

The tabernacle measures 10 cm wide, 12 cm high and 4 cm deep.

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