Buddha Prithvi mudra blue

Buddha Prithvi mudra blue

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The silent force of Buddha

This painting on canvas depicts the head of Buddha.
The artist has made a copy of an existing image, paint on canvas, and then transferred a paisley print on top.
The painting was finished off by hand and has enough own nuances to make it unique.

The artist is skilled enough to give the painting depth and perspective; you never get bored looking at it!
Can be hung as is, but framing the painting is preferred.

The Prithvi mudra increases energy, fosters a sense of inner stability and self-assurance but without increasing the ego, strenghtens the relationship between body and mind.

The colour of blue transforms anger into even powerful wisdom.

80 x 60 cm

Due to its delicat nature, shipping is expensive, please request a shipping quote.
It can also be collected at our offices.

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