Bracelet tiger's eye and sodalite bali set

Bracelet tiger's eye and sodalite bali set

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Powerful bracelets duo of tiger's eye and sodalite

This beautiful set contains 1 tiger eye bracelet and 1 sodalite bracelet, both in a matte finish and finished with a nickel-free zinc - copper Bali-style spacer which will get a beautiful patinated copper color when worn.
You can wear these unisex bracelets separately or in combination, possibly supplemented with other bracelets.

  • Tiger's eye has a strong connection to the solar plexus chakra; this gemstone is warming and uplifting, it repels negative influences, revitalizes and makes you decisive.
  • Sodalite stimulates the pineal gland (the third eye chakra) and can thus deepen meditation. Connects the masculine and feminine, logic with intuition.

Available in wrist size Medium (18 cm) and Large (20 cm).

Materials: 8mm tiger eye and sodalite beads with a copper / zinc spacer (11mm), held together by a sturdy 1mm clear elastic cord
In a beautiful dark blue storage box with a gold-colored FortunaBeads logo in relief.
Available in 18 cm and 20 cm

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