Bracelet Elements (sandelwood with lava stone)

Bracelet Elements (sandelwood with lava stone)

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Very nice bracelet made of sandalwood and lava stone with beautifully elaborated power symbol

This beautiful bracelet for him and her exudes elegance as well as strength.
You can wear it for its spiritual value, just casual for its beauty but it certainly suits more formal occasions as well.

The Elements bracelet consists of polished beads (8 mm) of sandalwood and 3 lava stones and has a beautiful and delicate copper elaborated symbol that stands for strength and success.

Symbolism of sandalwood
Sandalwood is a very popular type of wood throughout Asia:
In traditional Indian medicine Ayurveda, sandalwood is used for, among other things, the tempering of anxiety.
In Hinduism it is sometimes added to the dye for the bindi, the dot on the forehead; sandalwood would cool the third eye.
In Buddhism, sandalwood is used to transform desires and is often used in meditation.

Symbolism of lava stone
Lava rock is born from the primordial power of volcanoes where fire and the earth are transformed :
The fire invigorates you, gives you courage, and makes you mentally strong and persevering while the earth tempers hubris.
Lava stone encourages you to act thoughtfully.
The number 3 is a sacred number that has many meanings.

Composition: polished sandalwood and lava stone beads with the symbol in copper and sandalwood
​Diameter beads: 8mm
One size fits all