Bolster Zen baton (40 cm)

Bolster Zen baton (40 cm)

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To deepen your asana's

Shell made of 100% organic cotton and filled with buckwheat, you will find that they are firm enough to provide full support and to help you tackle those more challenging poses, yet soft enough to be quite comfortable.

The Yoga Bolster is 40 cm long, 15 cm heigh and 12 cm wide, and has a zippered opening to remove filling for height adjustment.
Its measurements, together with the low weight of 4 kilogram and its nice handle at the end makes it a very portable prop.

A bolsters will help you reach further and safer so you can go deeper into the asana.
It works perfectly for breathing practice, for relaxation pose supporting the spine.
Restorative yoga calls for this prop and it is used in Iyengar classes frequently.
For yoga pranayama, use it under the spine as you lie down, letting the sacrum rest on the floor. You might want to elevate your head with a folded blanket, cushion...
Use one in seating poses to prevent clenching of the abdominals during forward bends.

Material shell: cotton (organic)
Material filling: buckwheat husks
Measurements: H15 x L40 x W12 cm
Color: black

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