Auromère Tongue Care Cleaning Set

Auromère Tongue Care Cleaning Set

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Tongue Cleaner with Intensive Care Gel (Silver, Zinc & Sage BDIH certified)

A clean tongue is the ground for a good mouth odor, because the tongue coating contains most of the bacteria which can promote bad breath and gum problems.

This set contains

  • Intensive cleansing gel in airless-dispenser, 30 ml
  • Flat tongue cleaner with brush- and scraper-side
  • Detailed information

The Auromère Tongue Care Cleaning Set contains an intensive care gel as well as a tongue cleaner with a specially shaped, very flat brush, with which deposits even at the back of the tongue can be reached and removed. Its soft lamellas have been designed to loosen even a hard tongue coating and to massage the cleansing gel into deeper layers of the uneven tongue surface. The specially selected ingredients can then work efficiently.

The cleansing gel contains Micro-Silver and Zinc salt, which can counteract bad breath and neutralize caries-causing bacteria. Together with Neem extract and Xylitol, they can inhibit the formation of bad breath and caries. In addition, Sage, Crisped Mint and Witch Hazel cultivate the mucous membrane and bring the oral flora into an optimal balance - for lasting freshness in the mouth!

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