Aroma diffuser Cleo (2 grey tones)

Aroma diffuser Cleo (2 grey tones)

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State of the art aromatherapy diffuser

Create your own relaxing , soothing and natural environment!

The Cleo aroma diffuser is a state of the art device with a multifunctional use:

  • Aroma Therapeutic effect
  • Humidification & Air Purification
  • Radio / Clock / Sounds of nature

The Cleo allows you to personalise your wake-up call!
Set the alarm at the desired time and 5 minutes beforehand the device will start diffusing the choosen essential oil and a soft LED light will come on.
As for the alarm you can choose between a beeping sound, your favourite radiostation or a selection of sounds of nature.

Cleos's ultrasonic technology produces a fine mist of essential oil and water which quickly spreads throughout the room.
Another advantage is that viscous, hard to disperse oils such as sandalwood and benzoe also can be dissolved easily.
Since this process does not rely on a heat source or open flame to evaporate the water, the properties of the essential oils remain intact.
The result is a pure, delicious natural scent, while at the same time, the air is humidified as the tiny waterdroplets attach themselves to suspended particles in the air thus removing them.

The elegant design and quiet operation makes the aroma diffuser ideal for use in every room and for any activity:

  • When practicing yoga, meditation, pilates
  • Create a positive atmosphere in the office or workspace
  • Relax in your living room and bedroom

How to use 
The device is comes with a comprehensive manual (text in Dutch/French/English).
Fill the water tank as indicated with tap water or spring water (do not use distilled water), add essential oils of your choice (only a few drops) and you're ready!
The unit deactivates itself when the water level gets too low.
Switching to another oil is simple: pour the water tank empty, fill it with fresh water and add a new essential.
Cleo requires little maintenance (read the instruction manual).

1 electric evaporator (220V) - heigth 10 cm / diameter 20 cm
1 instruction manual (NL-EN-German-FR)
Colors: dark & light grey

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