Amethyst trio Aphrodite

Amethyst trio Aphrodite

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Aphrodite, set of 3 great pieces of amethyst

This set contains 3 pieces:
1 square shaped with medium sized crystals (8 x 7 cm)

1 triangle shaped with medium sized crystals (7 x 6 cm)
1 rectangle shaped with large crystals (9 x 6 cm)

Amethyst pacifies and purifies a tense, sensitive atmosphere in e.g. waiting and interview rooms.
It also works great against insomnia when placed in the bedroom.
Amethyst is a very suitable stone for your meditation room as its relaxing vibrations helps to bring your meditation to a higher level.

Stimulate thoughts, concentration, sense of reality and awareness.
Place an amethyst where you have to work concentrated.

Stimulating inspiration and intuition, promoting peacefull sleep, strengthen the sense of justice, helps to reach inner peace.
To enduce actively dreams, lay the stone near where you sleep.

Additional information

The name comes from the Greek amethystos meaning 'not drunk' or 'not intoxicating' and finds its origin in the old superstition that the stone protects against the effects of intoxication wine. I was believed that wine drunk from a cup made of amethyst would not make you drunk.

Amethyst was already known to the Ancient Egyptians, Etruscans, Chinese and Romans.
In the European Middle Ages amethyst was also greatly appreciated, especially in the Christian Church, where it was a bishop stone.
It was the symbol of lovers, the stone of sobriety, guard against sorcery and witchcraft, and drunkenness.

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