Alepsoap with ghassoul (red clay)

Alepsoap with ghassoul (red clay)

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An ancient soap for scrubbing

This alepsoap is enriched with ghassoul also know as red clay.
Olive oil cleanses and grooms the skin, laurel oil has anti-septic properties; combined with the scrubbing effect of the fine clay particles

Aleppo soap is still made according ancient traditions 100% natural soap, no artificial ingredients are added: pure olive oil is boiled with laurelzeep, after this paste hardens it get cut into blocks and dried in open air.

Due to the high content of laurel this soap is antispetic, antibacterial, heals wounds, sooths and calms the skin.

How to use
Use for scrubbing the skin.
This soap is 100% biological degradable.

Contents: 150 gram

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