Acupressure mat Lotus with pressure points

Acupressure mat Lotus with pressure points

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Relaxing acupressure mat with explanation of reflexpoints

The Lotus acupressure set can bring you pain relief in less than 10 minutes.
The 192 lotus flower with spikes stimulate the acupressure points, activating the nerves and blood flow, which has a wonderfully relaxing and vitalizing effect.

On the front and the back are the main reflexpoints of the back, hands and feet.

The mat can be used as one piece or divived up in three seperates mats to treat specific problem areas.

Regular use of the acupressure mat helps with:

  • stress-related back, neck and head
  • achesciatica pain
  • chronic fatigue and sleep disorders
  • poor blood circulation
  • recovery after a physical effort or workout

Use the Vital acupressure mat set every day, after a while your body will get used to the pressure of nails and you will greatly appreciate the warm, tingling sensation.
Experienced users can relax in such a way that they fall asleep on it.
The first time the acupressure mat can be a challenge but we are happy to give you the following tips:

  1. the first times you can wear a thin t-shirt as extra comfort
  2. lie down slowly on your back and carefully place your head on the pillow
  3. try to relax, breathe deeply and calmly
  4. the first 3-5 minutes can be a bit uncomfortable and somewhat painful but try to tolerate the pressure
  5. limit the lying time first times to around 10 minutes so that your body can get used to the nails

The removable cover of the Lotus acupressure mat is made of 100% cotton.
The acupressure points are made of ABS plastic.

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