10 flower seed bombs butterfly and bee mix

10 flower seed bombs butterfly and bee mix

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With these seed bombs you will become a real green guerilla gardening warrior!

Could your garden or a dull piece of fallow land in your area use some cheerfulness and biodiversity? Then quickly throw an environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible SeedBom!
All you have to do is throw the bomb on the spot where some beautiful flowers are allowed to grow, wait for a rain shower or quickly spray with your watering can and the seed bombs with the help of nature will do their job!
You can see that the seeds automatically start to grow into the most beautiful flowers that attract insects and birds.

They come in a nice cotton storage bag with 5 bombs in each mix.
Also very nice to give as a gift!

Our seed bombs are handmade and only consist of:

  • organic soil
  • organically grown seeds of native flower species

Create your own butterfly garden now!
With this beautiful butterfly flower seed mixture attract as many butterflies as possible to your garden! Together with other insects, butterflies provide the essential pollination of trees, shrubs and plants.

The mixture consists of twenty different flowers with different colors, including Calendula, Iberis and Rudbeckia. Which of these exactly is in each seed bomb remains a surprise, but they are all flowers that will attract many butterflies to your garden.

Help the Bees!
With this beautiful bee flower seed mixture you provide the bees with nectar-rich flowers! The bees will be grateful to you and all these beautiful flowers in your garden will make you happy.

This mixture consists of 30 types of flowers including Nigella, Anthemis and Echium. Which of these exactly is in each seed bomb remains a surprise, but these are all flowers that provide bees with nutrition.

Content: 2 x 5 seed bombs in a cotton storage bag
Sowing time: April, June, March, May
Flowering time: May, June, July, August
You can also throw the seed bombs outside the growing season, they will then wait patiently until next spring!

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