Egoro Kun Sho (spiral incense)

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Manufacturer:Baieido Japanse wierook
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Premium aloeswood

This high quality incense is made with Kyara, the highest and most expensive grade of aloeswood.

A traditional mix of
highest quality Vietnamese aloeswood with a subtle blend of herbs and spices.

Recognisable aloeswood scent, warm and pleasant, accompanied by a complex aroma of herbs and spices.
The aroma is rich and linger for a certain period, in which it continuously keeps evolving and changing. Therefor is not recommended to light additional sticks after another.

Exeptional incense, reserved for special occasion.
In Japan, frequently given to relatives and good friends as token of friendship and esteem.

Offical accepted in every Japanese temple to be burned as an offering.

5 coils (diameter 5 cm) with a burn tim of 70 minutes.

Baieido has been producing high quality incense since 1657.
Only natural ingredients are used which burn cleanly with little or no smoke and no toxic fumes.

Baieido's incense is like opening a door and finding, to our joy, an old friend waiting there.
In this way it is good fortune to sit quietly, relax, and perhaps sip some tea while enjoying the exquisite offerings of fine Japanese incense.