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Silk, the sensual fabric

High quality silk is tightly woven, making a thick but very soft scarf.
For decoration, threads called little cocoons, are added.

Thai silk scarfs are renowed for their style and colours.
The scarfs we offer, are of 100% natural, handwoven silk. They are  made by villagers from the Northeast of Thailand, a region known for its beautifull handwoven fabrics. To this day, they still use traditional looms and old techniques past on by their ancestors.
This makes for small irregulaties in the fabric  adding to their charme. Each scarf has its own unique character, presents and identity.

Size: 40 x 140 cm
Weight: 75 grams


The Panaman company is owned and run by Panasaya Phoomchuang; she resides in Belgium but is native to the Northeast province of Udon Thani (Thailand), a regio known as one of the most important silkproducers of the country.
Panasaya takes several trips a year to Thailand to personally select and buy her scarfs, thus ensuring their excellent quality.

"Our products are not made in manufacturies but by locals who work individually or in small community groups. This way of life originates from the fact that in Thailand one can only harvest rice once or twice a year. In the spare time, the local women weave garments for personal or commercial use, insuring them of a little extra and well needed income.
No mass production like the Chinese silk industry, everything is done on a small scale resulting in beautifull quality products.
The silk is harvested locally without the use of chemicals."