Calcite lamp

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Eye catching lamp

Beautiful decorative polished calcite lamp on a polished wooden base; suited for both home and office.
Comes equipped with an electric fitting and lightbulb (220 volt).

Calcite activates and stimulates physical, mental and spiritual growth.
The stone works motivating, promotes self-confidence, decisiveness, steadfastness and gives hope and courage.
It unites sentiment and intellect, calms the mind and it makes for inner peace.
Calcite encourages analytical thinking, promotes concentration and attracts success.
It absorbs negative energy in the room. 

Its orange colour also has a positive impact on ones welbeing.
Orange calcite works cleansing and vitalizing. It restores mental balance and has a positive effect on anxiety and gloomy moods.

Material: calcite
18 cm high x 10 cm in diameter
Weight: 2.3 kilograms.