Breuzinko (10mm)

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Sacred incense of the Amazon

Breuzinho (aka. Breu Claro or White Breu) is a hard, dry, rock-like gray copal-style resin from resineous trees native to the Amazon. This resin evaporates completely when heated upon a hot charcoal. The smoke produced by Breuzinho is woodsy and somewhat musty with hints of spice. Sometimes know as the 'Frankincense of Amazonia', the use of Breu as incense is widespread throughout the Amazon.

This Breuzinho blend is a great meditation incense or can be used to energise a room.

Each stick burns 30-45 minutes and you can start & stop and save it for later.

Each box comes with 9 handmade resin sticks (length 130mm, diameter 10mm)

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