Beck Olja

Model: 13302
Manufacturer:Wilma Naturprodukter
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Original forest perfume of Lapland

This multi-purpose product, derived from authentic pine tar production, has with a strong smoke, pine tar smell that brings you the real feeling of Northern Scandinavian forest; used in many of Wilmas products.

For centuries originally used in Lapland as an effective deterrent to the famous swarms of mosquitos, northern mozzies, midges, gnats and other biting nasties.
Beck Olja also has some mild antiseptic properties and is also used as a cure-all, being an ingredient in cold cures, muscle rubs (good for lumbago and gout), soaps...

You either love or hate the distinct smokey tar aroma that is very reminiscent of winter camp fires in the woods. 

Great for the outdoorsenthousiast as it will mask human scent and especially wild boars are attracted to the smell (can also be applied as a lure).
Try a little drop in your vodka for that extra woodlore flavour!

The 25ml bottle lasts for a long time as only a small amount is needed and the oil can be diluted to suit your need.


Wilma Naturprodukter

Wilmas natural products are made in the forest reigon of Swedish Lapland utilising the old knowledge and techniques that have been used for centuries by the forest people who have lived and worked there.
Tried and tested natural remedies and products in accordance with traditional methods.


Charles Jeffries, Sunday 14. June, 2015
I first used this product on a moose hunt in Alaska in 2012. I have also used it in Vietnam and compared it with another natural repellent, All Terrain. The problem with All Terrain is that it must be reapplied every 2-3 hours, I can get away with 6-8 hours with Beck Olja. This product works well to repel mosquitoes and you can put a drop on clothing or tents to help keep the bugs away. It has a pleasant smell if you enjoy the smell of campfires. Literally, very little is needed, I have used the same bottle since 2012 and I use it from spring to summer. It works fine on my son's sensitive skin and I don't have to put DEET on him.The only downside for me is that my wife hates the scent. I also keep it in a ziploc bag as the smell can permeate an entire backpack with its scent. Use this as an alternative to Wilma's Nordic Summer if its scent is too strong and also if you want to put it on something like a tent or you want to imbibe it as a folk cure (I haven't attempted that yet).
Katrien Schulz, Tuesday 24. May, 2016
Beste olie ooit tegen midges. Je moet wel tegen de geur van rook kunnen, maar als je een outdoor persoon bent mag dit geen probleem zijn. Ik heb toen ik in Schotland was een vergelijkende test gedaan met het chemisch product 'Smidge' en de Beck Olja won. Natuurlijk product en effectiever dan zijn chemische tegenhangers. En zuiniger in gebruik. Je doet enkele jaren met 1 flesje.

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