Ashwaganda organic

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Nature's anti-stress remedie

Literally Aswaganda means 'herbs which brings humans the strenght of a horse'.

Aswaganda makes you stronger, rescilliant and dynamic without disurbing the inner peace.
It provides you with vitality and lust for life, both on mental as the physical plain.
It enhances your day-energy while it regulates your sleep-energy.

It comes very recommended to people who:

  • lack energy, feel tired
  • are feeling stressful or agressive
  • have muscle or joint problems
  • have sleeping disorders
  • have a weak libido

60 capsules (100% vegan)

Peter Christiaens, Friday 04. September, 2009
Ik gebruik dit product sinds vorig jaar (2008) en met de afgelopen strenge winter is er in ons bedrijf g

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